84 Charing cross road

Jeudi 7 avril et Vendredi 13 mai à 19h00 /

Thursday 7th april and Friday 13th may at 7 pm

Spectacle en Anglais

A charming and witty story that spans two decades continents. Detailing the correspondence between Helene Hanff, an outspoken New York writer, and Frank Doel, a London bookseller, this delightful story crosses the boundaries of time , distance and culture to create an unconventional yet deeply touching love story.

Commentaires :

“Patricia Kessler and Les Clack lend the characters they play a humanity and subtlety reminiscent of Henry James.”

“Sad that Helen Hanff wasn’t alive to see these two actors on stage”.

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Tarif réduit :

15€ (étudiant,chômeur) et 12€ pour les groupes de plus de 10 personnes

Compagnie :

Dear Conjunction

Acteurs :

Patricia Kessler, Leslie Clack