Jekyll and Hyde

* FESTIVAL 789 * Les 23 & 25 Juillet 2015 à 19h.

A gothic and ghostly tale.

Who is the real monster in the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?

This riveting show explores how one person can be many. We behave in different ways- sometimes by choice, sometimes by chance, but the real question is whether we are governed by fate. What if a person knows themselves to have a darker side? Can they separate themselves into two parts- into the good and the bad? Once we are on the path of experimentation there is no easy solution…

“Here is a surprising and memorable adaptation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”
“…it was a creepy, exciting and humorous play.”
“…at the end of this amazing play we were speechless…”

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18€ PT, 13€ TR

Compagnie :

Drama ties

Acteurs :

Dario Costa