Scaramouche Jones -spécial 31 décembre

Le 31 décembre à 19h00

Spécial réveillon : Coupe de champagne et chocolats offerts !

En anglais / In English

On the 31st of December 1999, the eve of his 100th birthday, the clown, Scaramouche Jones, tells the incredible story of his life – which is also the story of the 20th century.

From the seamy side of 1900’s Port au Prince, Trinidad – where he is born to a Gypsy prostitute mother and abandoned by his English father, Scaramouche takes us on a fantastical voyage through that most turbulent of centuries.

In the course of the journey, he adds, one by one, to his already pale face the Seven White Masks: so that by the time he reaches his haven in the Promised Land of England, he has achieved the perfect blank of his final incarnation – the White-Faced Clown.


Le 31 décembre 1999, le clown Scaramouche Jones, à la veille de son centième anniversaire, raconte l’incroyable histoire de sa vie, qui est aussi celle du XXe siècle.

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